Friday, January 15, 2010

Do what you can... ***UPDATED***

****Since I have not updated the Blog in quite a while and unfortunate incidents occurred in Chile, I figured I would just update this part of the Blog and ask you to once again become aware of those who are in need of help. Please don't just sit back and figure that Chile 'is a much more affluent country so they can take care of themselves'... there are hundreds (probably thousands as we move forward) dead, tens of thousands homeless and without support. Anything we can do as a collective human race help someone in need is our responsibility in order to survive and promote good will for future generations... OK.. sorry to jump back up on a soap box for a little bit.. wait, no I'm not... I'm proud to get up on the soapbox.****
updated areas to donate.
So by now I am sure you have all heard of the devastation in Haiti.. .. without hopping up on a soap box, just asking people to help out however they can...

thay say that any amount will help, and sooner rather than later... some organizations that you may think about... ... obviously this organization is close to our hearts... feel free to read some of the information and just click on the 'donate now!' area. him or not, former president Clinton's site

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Susan said...

You guys are AWESOME!! Keep up the great work!