Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer fun...

... and almost done.... :-(

Well, sad to say, the unofficial summer season is coming to an end. which is not to say that we haven't our share of mirth and merriment the past few months... and with the brood such that it is, there will always be something to share, celebrate, and discover. Actually, even though we all enjoy the heat and outdoor fun of the summer there is plenty of fun to come... first days of school, pumpkin picking, annual Disney trip, trips to NYC, festive holidays, etc... so we'll keep checking in if you will to.

So where did I leave off.. Tae's birthday??? OK, I'm cheating because I had Tae's birthday celebration post in my 'drafts' and just posted it... so anyway, I'll pick it up there.

and speaking of our little adventurer... I am not sure this is the safest thing, but it just couldn't be missed. (video clip may take a few seconds to load and run). And this just before 'the plunge'.

so summer is a time when we all try to get together and have some fun... Tae and his cousin Bradley had a fantastic time playing the piano.. and brother Cooper reads to Tae... and one of the rare times that they can sit together without hitting, beating, yelling at each other. And what the girls decide to do with this camera I'll never know... except for the fact that it has been the most fun thing this summer with the underwater aspect.. and what the hell this is with Tae, I have no idea.

So, as we all know summer is about the beach and the pool.... Tae and Kira getting busy building some sand castle.. Cooper and Tae digging and dumping.. the girls catching some waves... Kira... Olivia... and again another day..Olivia and Kira.... Cooper so proud of himself... and just glad to see that Tae has learned to enjoy the beach. Tae the ham.... Cooper ever industrious... and all Kira wanted to do was collect jellyfish.. I think she had about 20 of them collected in the bucket. Olivia just watching the waves... and then making her move to the water. Cooper and Tae enjoying the water.... and the bonus... dolphins... have to look hard, but they're there... there were so many.. they kept swimming and showing off hour after after.
Sooo... catching up a little with general info... as surprising as it may seem, Olivia really likes having her glasses... and not just because they are taking away her reading headaches... And she continues to play with the traveling Stafford Stingrays.. at bat, and in base-stealing position... and this is what happens when the kids purloin the camera.... Kira.... Olivia... Cooper... and Kira yet again... for those who know her you will understand. And as the tail end of her 40th birthday celebration, I was able to secure some seats (apparently very good.. yeah for me!!!) to the Rob Thomas show at the Borgata for Susan. She was able to go with a few of her very good friends, Cathi and Sandee. I think they were like 20-30 feet away??.. good or bad.. signing my own divorce decree?!?!? Hmmm... crazy kids??? could this be where Kira gets her wonderful penchant for photography... nice mom...
And finally the 'end of summer'.. trying to cram in as much as we can before school starts and I get back from my summer vacation.... oh wait, I remember that I only get a few days off here and there in the summer, but I digress....
Camden Aquarium.... followed by a little trip to Baewon for Korean BBQ... I so love the Nakji Dolsot (bibimbop in a hot stone bowl with spicy octopus) and Galbi.. and the kids initially needed to be bribed with Cold Stone Creamery afterward, but I actually think they didn't mind trying it. So the aquarium was much fun... except when we tried to take a family picture in front of the monster crabs.. Tae felt is was not time to take pictures... but he finally calmed a little.. and you can almost here Cooper announce " OH MY GOSH" when he realized that the sharks were swimming overhead. Tae did enjoy seeing the hippos.. and tried to catch the fish in the tank... Cooper made his try at catching them too. Olivia tries to impart some of her 'extensive' nautical knowledge to the boys.. fish ... and more fish... touching the stingrays.... and of course Tae has to get his hands in the water.... this was just a really cool centerpiece in the atrium.... everyone checking out the seals (mom's favorite)... loving sisters... crazy sisters... Tae trying to figure out how to drain the tanks??? and making his escape... and what would a tourist attraction be without photo ops... Olivia, Kira, Cooper, Tae.
And we finish up with the major DUD that was Hurricane Earl.... took the kids to the beach to see if there was anything to report, but alas it was just some wind, clouds, and rough surf... not horrible but rough enough.. (but certainly not what I would want for the couple getting married on the beach next to us..) The gang lining up to say hi before scattering... off to run in the sand... the girls run along the water line and the boys sit quietly (and safely) to play.... apparently Tae figures since we are the beach it's time to get undressed to play.. and then goes on to play the role of bird whisperer... and I just sat and enjoyed the peace of the beach.
For the entire photo recap of the summer from end of school to end of vacation... and Hurricane Earl photos...
OK, whew I'm tired now... enjoy what's left of summer and check back in again soon.

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