Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome back...

Nothing like the first day of school to revisit the old Blogoshpere. And with the sheer amount of stuff that will be crammed into the post, you'll understand why I might be a little behind in updates.

So, following along Olivia is entering 5th grade, Kira 2nd, Cooper into Kindergarten, and Tae continues along the tradition of spending his days at Ms Barbara's.

As we last left our bunch of maniacs it was the beginning of school last year. Over this past year we have gone through quite a laundry list of changes, updates, vacations, and fun-fun-fun!!

Our very own Olivia decided that it was somehow, someway time that she turned double digits. When in the hell did that happen, I never said she could turn 10??? Kira had turned 6 at the time of my last post and has now just celebrated her 7th birthday... God Help US!!!

After seeming like it's only been a short time since Cooper has been home, can you believe that he has turned 4 and is going on 5 in only a few weeks?

And, although chronologically last in order, those of you who know him know that he will NOT let you for get about him... little man Tae has just turned a big 3. And now that the most important updates are out of the way, my computer has decided that is doesn't want to play anymore... I'm having trouble pulling pictures over and saving information.

Therefore I think I will just leave it at that right now and carry on with some more updates over the next few days (or probably weeks at the rate that I am going...) In that time I will run through the annual pumpkin and apple fun at the farm....Halloween celebrations during our annual Disney journey. And then there was Christmas, along with a journey to Costa Rica for retirement dreams.... softball, lots of softball... and even more softball...... Preschool graduation.... summer fun and nature walks and back around to school...

Well, I guess I got more in than I thought I would...

Off for now... check in later..


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